When you join our team you are a Fresh Meat, or what we affectionately refer to as Freshie. Our Fresh Meat Coordinator will have forms and paperwork for you to fill out so you can skate with us. You will not be allowed to skate with us until you are wearing the proper safety gear listed below:

A mouth guard: you can pick one of these up at Walmart or one of the sporting goods stores for a dollar or two. You CANNOT borrow a mouth guard because, well, that's gross. Your mouth guard will need to be boiled and shaped to your upper teeth in advance, so do this prior to coming to practice.

Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet: We have a loaner bag available so if you don't have pads we can loan you some until you do. You are NOT allowed to take our loaner gear home with you.

Skates: the rink will let you use their skates until you can purchase a pair on your own; be sure to ask for Speed Skates. Also, when you are ready to purchase your skates, Dreamland gives derby people a great discount, and doesn't charge shipping on things they have to order.

Our Gear Guru, Spuds McKenzie, has compiled a list to help you pick the right gear. In the end the choices are up to you what you purchase, but like I said, the Gurl knows her gear:


Roller skates are made up of four major components: The boot, the plate, four wheels, and eight bearings. For a new skater, it’s easier to purchase a “skate package,” which includes all of these things, and these are what will be listed below. There are many more packages than what are listed below, but these are a good starting point. You can also build your own skates by purchasing each part individually, but that goes beyond the scope of this guide. Contact Spuds or Jody for help with that. Pricing current as of September 2013.

*Bruised Boutique has some excellent packages that include skates and all the pads you’ll need if you find all of these choices overwhelming.

Acceptable (these are what most fresh meat start out in):

Sure Grip GT50 ($100, available at Dreamland as well as derbysmack.com), Riedell R3 ($120, available at Dreamland and fastgirlskates.com), Sure Grip Rebel Avenger (has a metal plate which is best for skaters weighing over 175 lbs., $225, derbysmack.com)

Better (skates you can beat up for a couple of years before upgrading):

Sure Grip S55 Avenger Mg ($389, leadjammerskates.com), Riedell Wicked ($449, Dreamland and lowpriceskates.com), Bont Quad Hybrid w/ Mg Avengers (wheels and bearings extra, $300, leadjammerskates.com),

Riedell Wicked Skates with Radar Tuner Wheels


Luigino Vertigo Q-6 / Pilot Falcon ($680, luiginousa.com), Bont Quad Hybrid Carbon with Mg Avengers (wheel and bearings extra, $425, leadjammerskates.com), Antik AR1 ($629.00, fastgirlskates.com)


Knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards

Acceptable: Protec, Triple Eight (can be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods or Waterboyz)

Better: 187, Smith Scabs, Atom Elite ($100-$120, various retailers)

Best: Pro-Designed ($200+ for whole set, prodesigned.com), PainCheaters ($175 for kneepads, paincheaters.com), Deadbolt ($110 for kneepads, fully customizable colors, deadboltpads.com)


Acceptable: Triple Eight Dual-Certified Brainsaver ($40, triple8.com)

Better: Nutcase (super cute designs available, $60, nutcase.com)

Best: Bauer Re-Akt ($200, icewarehouse.com)


Acceptable: plain boil-and-bite or Shock Doctor ($5-$20, Academy Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods)

Better: Sisu ($25, sisuguard.com)

Best: Custom molded ($75-$150, made by Gladiator, dentists, SentinelMouthguards.com [local company])